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Marketing Services & Pricing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Get more traffic to your website. Not just more traffic, but the right traffic. As in, people who actually want what you’re selling, people who aren’t looking for that other business with almost the same name, and people who aren’t located 3000 miles away from your brick and mortar location.

One-time ProjectMonthly SEO
Everything from a small technical fix on your website to a complete overhaul of your online presence.Monthly SEO improvements and reporting.
Minimum spend: $25Minimum spend: $200/month

Ad Campaign Management

Run ads on AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Campaign ManagementCampaign Setup
Placing, monitoring, and optimizing your online adsKeyword research, writing ads, designing visuals for display ads, optimizing/creating the landing page
15% of ad spendMinimum Spend: $250


Do people visit your online store, then leave without buying anything? Do people look at your website or brochure and ask, “Uh, what exactly do you do?” Sounds like a job for a copywriter.

Blog posts, web pages, brochures, product descriptions, and morePolish your draft before publishing
Minimum spend: $50$25/hr

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