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01 Services

Connecting people with your brand through a blend of design and technology.

Web Design

Design isn't just about looking pretty. It's about delighting your visitors with a digital experience that makes them choose you over your competitors. It's about ensuring those visitors can easily complete the tasks that drive revenue. And it's about building brand equity by communicating a strong brand identity.

Web Development

Performance, security, SEO-friendliness, and mobile-first development. These are just a few of the ingredients that go into every project. I specialize in engineering custom solutions that meet the unique requirements of your business.

Online Marketing

A beautiful, well-coded site is just the beginning. To drive traffic, leads, and sales you need an online marketing strategy that establishes trust and authority with your target market, and develops their desire for your products and services.

02 Portfolio


Client: LaAbeja Herbs

Deliverable: Responsive WordPress site

Role: Theme development, plugin development

Garden Party is a subscription content site that is an offshoot of Texas-based LaAbeja Herbs. The client required custom theme development and requested a plugin that would automatically reformat the title tag in the head of the document to their specifications.

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Client: Sci Co Music

Deliverable: Responsive WordPress site

Role: Theme design, theme development

Sci Co Music is a Pacific Northwest based music studio. The client required a brochure site to showcase music samples. The theme's design reflects the client's quirky and frequently atonal compositions.

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Client: ART in a Window

Deliverable: Responsive WordPress site, logo

Role: Theme design, theme development, plugin development, logo design

ART in a Window is the online gallery of Pacific Northwest fine artist Dana Graham Joslin. The site design takes inspiration from International Typographic Style with a color palette based around the background color. The background color was chosen by researching paint colors used on the walls of top contemporary art galleries. At the core of the site's functionality is a custom post type and custom taxonomy plugin that makes adding and categorizing artwork easy for the client.

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Client: Sci Co Films

Deliverable: Responsive WordPress site

Role: Theme development, widget development

Sci Co Films is a Pacific Northwest based independent film company. The client required a brochure site with blog functionality and a custom widget to promote products.

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03 About

Passion, creativity, attention to detail, and empathy. With a broad base of experience as an affiliate marketer and web copywriter, and education in software engineering I can take your project from start to finish, or integrate with your team.


  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Mobile Developer


2013 - 2014 Oregon Institute of Technology - Software Engineering

Chemeketa Community College - Associates General Studies


HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, velocity.js, PHP, MySQL