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Featured Work

Screenshot of the Polyurb website builder homepage on an iPad

Polyurb Website Builder

Role: Custom Development, System Administration, Website

Polyurb is a website builder that was created to make quality websites more attainable for small businesses, non-profits, and independent professionals. Polyurb combines the ease of management and predictable monthly subscription costs of platforms like Shopify and Squarespace with the power, scalability, and deep and broad feature set that comes with the WordPress ecosystem.

This project required almost 2 years of work, including extensive planning, strategy, design, and many thousands of lines of code to make it happen.

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Screenshot of Blast Kids' Parties website on an iPad

Blast Kids’ Parties

Role: Website, Logo, SEO, Social Media Graphics

Blast Kids’ Parties is a children’s birthday party character company that’s on a mission to make the world a better place. In addition to doing awesome birthday parties, they’re giving back with their Superheroes in Training character development program.

I delivered a fun website design that taps into the child in all of us without feeling cheesy or cheap, an affordable logo, and SEO optimization for the site and their social media profiles.

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Screenshot of SeaKure CBD homepage on an iPad


Role: SEO, Copywriting, Design Refinement

SeaKure sells CBD products produced from Oregon-grown hemp and other high quality ingredients, including honey from their own hives.

I was brought on board to help with SEO because they weren’t getting sales. To boost their ranking, I reduced page load times, fixed pages that were broken on mobile, and rewrote the pages and product descriptions to incorporate the right keywords and encourage visitors to hit ‘Add to Cart’. I also refined the visual design to give the site a more cohesive look and improve the user experience.

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Screenshot of SCi CO Films website on an iPad

SCi CO Films

Role: Website, Copywriting

Founded in 2015, SCi CO Films is an independent film production company that produces eclectic, critically-acclaimed work with a postmodern flavor.

After a successful 2019, including an official selection at the Solaris Film Festival, it was time to revamp SCi CO Films’ website. I designed a sleeker, more modern site and wrote new copy that communicates SCi CO Films’ creative essence.

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Raiders of the Lost Clam!!! film cover art on display in a subway.

Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!

Role: Cover Art, Film Title Design

Raiders of the Lost Clam!!! is a feature-length comedy/sci-fi/horror film produced by SCi CO Films.

SCi CO Films needed a professional cover design for their movie that communicated the feel of the film to prospective buyers/renters, met Amazon’s art requirements, and fit within a modest budget. After watching many scenes from the movie and talking to the filmmaker extensively, I delivered this genre-blending, surreal design with lots of attention to the title’s typography.

Screenshot of I Can't Logon website on an iPad

I Can’t Logon

Role: Website, Logo

Have you ever had trouble logging on to a public wi-fi network? No matter what you do, the login portal just won’t come up.

I Can’t Logon solves that problem. Simply type into your browser bar, and you’ll be redirected to the login portal.

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Screenshot of Straighttalktv website on an iPad


Role: Website

Straighttalktv is a local-access cable TV show featuring interviews and entertainment from local entrepreneurs, artists, comedians, musicians, and more. If you don’t have cable in Oregon, catch it on Facebook Live or watch past episodes on YouTube.

Straighttalktv needed an upgrade from their old site on a free website builder. I made them a basic site that allowed them to update their content easily.

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Screenshot of SCi CO Music website on an iPad

SCi CO Music

Role: Website

SCi CO Music is a Vancouver, Washington music studio that composes in a wide variety of genres.

I made SCi CO Music a brochure site to showcase their music samples. One of the important features for this site was that it needed to be easy for the client to embed their own samples, so I integrated a page builder to allow the client to manage their own content.

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Screenshot of Straighttalktv website on an iPad

Bach in Socket

Role: Album cover art, logo design

Bach in Socket is 14 inventions (a type of composition), entwined around some of J.S. Bach’s compositions and suitable for a variety of instruments.

This project required branding that would work everywhere from many variations of album covers (e.g., electric guitar, chimes, synth, and so on) to black and white sheet music. I delivered a logo set that would work for all the required applications, and album covers that embodied the pop art aesthetic of the compositions.

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