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Local SEO Boosts Organic Traffic, Clicks, and Calls

Blast Kids’ Parties is a children’s party entertainment provider based in Yakima, Washington. They offer party characters like Batman and Elmo, and a character development program for children.

Blast Kids’ Parties’ website wasn’t bringing in calls or emails so they asked us to run an SEO campaign. Our local SEO campaign took them from invisible in search to getting regular calls and emails in their service area within three months.

Our white hat SEO and solid marketing fundamentals have kept a steady stream of relevant traffic flowing even a couple years later. All without any significant additions to the site or any social media campaigns.


Search Results Impressions


Organic Website Visits

2.5% +

Search Results CTR

The Challenge

We conducted an SEO audit to uncover the causes behind the website’s lackluster performance. Our key findings were:

  • Lack of relevant keyword usage. The existing copy used industry jargon that consumers weren’t searching with. Consequently, the site rarely appeared in search results for prospective customers.
  • Traffic was often coming from locations far outside the company’s service area. There were several reasons the site wasn’t showing up in local searches. The content on the site didn’t tell search engines the business’ location. There weren’t any social media profiles for the business. And there was only one online business listing for the company.
  • High bounce rates because the content didn’t satisfy search intent. The site was ranking for some terms for children’s party ideas. The problem was that searchers were still at the planning stage. They only wanted ideas for children’s party activities. They weren’t ready to commit to an activity or shop for service providers at that point in the journey.
  • Search engines were confused about whether Blast Kids’ Parties was a separate entity from another local business. The other business had a similar name and offered a party venue, thus the confusion. To compound the problem, there were photos of Blast Kids’ Parties entertainers at the party venue.

The Solution

We took a multi-pronged approach to solving Blast Kids’ Parties’ organic traffic problem:

Target Market and Competitive Research. First we conducted research to understand how best to present the company’s services to searchers.

Keyword Research. During research, we found that the biggest challenge was low search volumes in the business’ service area. So we targeted keywords with the highest search volume in the area that best matched search intent.

Content Creation and Optimization. We designed a new information architecture that would perform better in search. We also rewrote all the content based on our marketing and keyword research.

Off-Page SEO. We made several social media accounts and online business listings. We also optimized the existing Google business listing. This accomplished several objectives. One was to indicate the location of the business to both search engines and people. Another was to show search engines that Blast Kids’ Parties was its own entity, not a misspelling of the other business with a similar name. Finally, social media and business listings were an integral part of our strategy to drive more traffic to the website.